PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Cudlee Creek Bushfire in December 2019 destroying a large portion of our playspaces and impacting parts of our property, Bush Play is currently not operating for children or Educators.




If you are an Educator who feels they would benefit from clearing the mind, breathing fresh air and stimulating the senses, out in the paddocks and the bush then this PD may be of interest.


  • If you are someone who doesn’t spend enough time outdoors, and wants to tap into a relaxation technique, this practice is hugely beneficial.


  • During this experience, you’ll find you know this “technique”, and, my hope is, you’ll want to practise it more often and transfer these skills to the children you’re with.


  • This PD gives you access to all information I’ve gathered around the therapeutic benefits of time outdoors, particularly in green spaces.


  • After your experience here, you will be attached to a closed Facebook group housing a mountain of research, giving you the theory behind the practice.


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From: $450.00



  • My intention is to share with you a wellness tool you can use in everyday life; something beneficial you can share with others.  This is a relaxation technique.  I can help you slow down and soak in the atmosphere of the natural environment; unwind, and tune-in to the bush. It’s very simple.
  • If, as Educators, we’re wanting to connect children with nature, we need to be connected ourselves. The bonus is, it’s so good for our health, in fact I’d say, is critical for our health as humans being.
  • This is an experience. You will learn why we must take ourselves into natural spaces, together with why it is so important for children, and the adults supporting them, to spend time outdoors, regularly.
$450 for up to 10 participants for a 5-hour session.
Group size:
Maximum 10 people per session; sessions are limited.
Selected Thursdays
9.30am – 2.30pm Not Available in School Holidays
  • Bookings via the website available for groups only.
  • This PD gives you access to all the research I’ve gathered around the therapeutic benefits of time outdoors, particularly in green spaces.