Participant Agreement March 2019

By signing this letter you agree to adhere to the conditions set forth in our Development Application, Approval from Adelaide Hills Council and the State Commission Assessment Panel of South Australia. You also agree to understanding all necessary Policies of the Bush Play program. LOCATION AND SHARED USE OF PRIVATE ROAD I, , of, , On this date, the , agree to adhere, at all times, to the conditions of entry to the Bush Play program, in Woodside, SA.
  1. I will not disclose the physical address of Bush Play to any persons without the permission of Catherine McEwen, Director at Bush Play.
  2. I have read and understood the following conditions of carparking and the movement of vehicles along the shared private road, and gaining access into and out of the Bush Play site.
The entry and exit points to Bush Play and the use of the shared private road are detailed below.
  • You must only enter and exit the carpark to Bush Play, at Woodside, via Tiers Rd. You must not, on any occasion, enter or exit our property via any other road.
  • You will receive our address, with directions and clear information, via email, once payment has been processed and this “Agreement Letter Relating to Conditions of Use” has been signed.
  • You must adhere to the speed limit of 20kph along our shared private road.
  • You must not pass the section of our road beyond the entry and exit to the Bush Play carpark. This is a Private access road for neighbouring properties and Emergency vehicles only and must be respected.
  • You must ensure you STOP at the end of our road when exiting the program, and take extra caution when turning either way onto Tiers Rd.
  • You must only park your vehicle in our carpark. We do not have permission for any vehicle to park along our shared private road.
  • Please refer back to these directions once you've received our address via email, to familiarise yourself with how you'll access the Bush Play site.
I have read in full and understand the content of the Terms and Conditions laid out in all Policies and Forms, in relation to the Bush Play Program, set in Woodside, South Australia, 5244.
This means:
  • I will enter the property at my own risk.
  • I take full responsibility for the supervision of my own child or children whilst at Bush Play.
  • My child/ren and I can be barefoot at my own risk.
  • I understand and agree that Cath McEwen, Director of Bush Play, has taken all necessary risk assessment and risk management precautions and steps to ensure the safety of my child/ren, myself and of others participating in the program.
  • I also understand Cath McEwen will be dynamically risk-assessing on a moment-to-moment basis, with regards to weather, conditions and behaviour.
  • I will adhere to necessary directions and instructions, in relation to my safety and the safety of my child/ren and others within the Bush Play Program.

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